The lessons commence with a warming-up that consists of breathing exercises to build up concentration and focus and light stretching to relax the body and make it more flexible. Furthermore, basic movements will be explained and practised which form the basis of all aikido techniques. Also for advanced practitioners it is important to continue to develop and deepen the basics.

The middle and largest part of the lesson consists of learning and polishing different defence and attack techniques, usually in couples and sometimes in small groups. First, a technique will be shown by the teacher and when needed accompanied with an explanation. Subsequently the most advanced person will take the role of defender and the other(s) the role of attacker. After having practised the technique for four times, roles will be switched. This continues until the next explanation is given by the teacher.

The intensity and complexity will increase gradually during the lesson and will match the level of the group at that moment. Our lessons are safe and have a didactic structure in order to offer continuous development with minimal risk of injuries. The lesson will end with a cooling-down comprised of health exercises to promote, among other things, rapid recovery of the physical work.

Impression of a trial lessonBeginners and advanced train alternately together or in smaller groups on their own level. This difference in level is important because it contributes to the development of the entire group. The group’s main goal is to facilitate everybody on his or her personal development. Hence, aikido has an individual as well as a groups aspect.

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