This page describes the general structure of our society. According to our statutes and bylaws we have the following administrative and executive bodies with accompanying personal roles.

General Assembly

The general assembly (algemene vergadering or AV) is held minimally once per year. Members with a right to vote determine how the society should realise her goal — to stimulate and facilitate practising of aikido. the general assembly consists of all members and sponsors. Aspiring members may not yet participate in this meeting.


The board (bestuur) is responsible for executing the daily governing as is set out by the general assembly (algemene vergadering). A number of tasks has been delegated by the board to several committees. The board’s president is Sander, the treasurer is Jelle, Annemiek is secretary and Krijn fulfills a supportin grole as general board member.

Financial Audit Committee

The financial audit committee (kascontrolecommissie) holds a staff position and yearly checks the financial reporting of which the board present to the general assembly. The president is Joren and its only member is Simon.

Activity Committee

Most internal and open activities of the society are organised by the activity committee (activiteitencommissie) on behalf of the board. These activities vary from special trainings and seminars until social gatherings with food and drinks or the occasional bowling outing. The president is Hans and its ad interim member is Jelle. At the moment we have two vacancies for members of this committee.

Technical Committee

For the technical content of the trainings and overseeing exams, we have a technical committee (technische commissie) which is consists of our teacher team. The president and head teacher is Sander and its current members, who are also assistant teachers, are Bas, Jan and Annemiek.

Recruitment Committee

The recruitment committie helps finding new members. By using aimed communication, this committee tries to find people who would like to train aikido with us. The presicent is Jan and the only memeber is Hans At the moment we have a vacancy for an extra member in this committee.

Confidentiality Contact-Persons

Skilled, confidential and independent are the confidentiality contact-persons (vertrouwenscontactpersonen or VCP’ers) of our society. These staff positions are the first point of contact for questions and reporting incident on all aspects of social safety. The confidentiality contact-persons are Simon, Yo-Yi and David.