portraitSander van Geloven, 4rd dan, is the teacher and founder of Sanshinkai Aikido Utrecht. He started in 1994 and has developed himself thoroughly as shidoin in the system of Masatomi Ikeda shihan, 7th dan.

Since 2008, he is a student of Michele Quaranta, 6th dan. He also travels frequently to Japan to study aikido and Kashima Shinden Jikishinkage-ryu.

Michele Quaranta and others in Macedonia

Throughout the year he attends many international seminars and summer schools by Michele Quaranta, but also trains regularly with Francesco Marrella and Jelena Vrzić, both 6th dan, and Eric Graf, 4th dan. On occocasion he goes to seminar given by Pasquale Aiello, Domenico Zucco, both 6th dan, and Hiroshi Tada shihan, 9th dan.

Sander is also guest teacher for several other groups in the Netherlands and abroad. See the recommendations for more information.

Jelena Vrzić and others in Serbia

Masatomi Ikeda with Michele Quaranta in Germany