Fee and Contribution

Below are the prices and discounts for Sanshinkai Aikido Utrecht. In order to better ensure progress and pleasure in aikido, we advice to train at least twice a week. We offer at least four trainings per week, each with its own price and possible discounts.

The minimum age to train with us is at the moment 16 years old. Exceptions to this are possible, please contact us for this. Two trial lessons are free. Starting August 26th 2023, we also offer children’s aikido in a group for six until nine years and from nine until twelve years.

Children’s Aikido

The fee for children’s aikido includes training fee and contribution. The fee for one year is per school year, which consists of 10 months. It starts the end of August or beginning of September and will end in the end of June or beginning of July. Much depends on holidays for primary schools in the city of Utrecht. In total, approximately 40 trainings per year are provided.

age per normal U-pas
6 – 9 years year € 248 € 149
9 – 12 years year € 308 € 185

Did you know that if you have more than one child with a U-pas, you can combine their budgets?


Listed below are the rates and discounts for adult tuition. We offer four trainings per week at different rates with various discounts. We also offer two free trial lessons.

Special offer: Do a trial month with discount and without paying membership fee. The one-off trial month consists of 9 aikido trainings and is only € 30. Students, high-schoolers and holders of a U-pas only pay € 18 for this introduction.

Monthly Training Fee

These fees are since July 1st 2022 and are based on how often you train. To increase the development and joy in aikido, we advice to train on average twice per week. Deviating from your normal training schedule, to catch up for a missed training, can only be done within the same week.

lesson fee
normal students or U-pas
1 training per week € 38 € 23
2 trainings per week € 46 € 28
3 or more trainings per week € 56 € 34

You will only have to pay for that part of a month if you start your first training in the middle of a month.

Students, high-schoolers and holders of U-pas get 40% discount

Yearly Contribution

The monthly training fee is used to cover variable expenses such as rent, mast, materials and teacher education. With the yearly contribution, we can pay most of the fixed costs. This concerns our aikido federation membership, Chamber of Commerce, banking costs, website et cetera. These prices are since January 1st 2023.

yearly contribution normal students or U-pas
registration from October € 10 € 6
registration from July € 20 € 12
registration from April € 30 € 18
registration from January € 40 € 24

The yearly contribution needs to be transferred before or during the quarter you register as a member.

Payments and Discounts

You will get detailed payment instructions via email upon registration for a trial month or full membership. Students and with a valid student card and people with a valid U-pas get a 40% discount for both lesson fee and contribution. Discounts cannot be combined.