Confidentiality Contact-Person

We as a society value a joyful, safe and transparent atmosphere in our dojo. In this way, everybody can discuss any incidents that might happen with respect and with a willingness for solving them.

To help maintain this atmosphere, we used to have confidentiality contact-persons. They had successfully completed the course confidentiality contact-person of the NOC*NSF and Alice will do in the autumn of 2022.

What is a confidentiality contact-person?

A confidentiality contact-person (VCP) has according to the NOC*NSF the following tasks:

  1. Be a first point of contact for undesirable situations with the society.
  2. Help the reporter as good as possible by referring him or her to the proper organization.
  3. In a proactive way ensure a socially safe sport environment within the society.

What must be emphasized, they are not confidentiality persons and not trained to mediate or give advise on the content of a matter. However, they can bring you in contact with a confidentiality person when this is needed.

How can you contact our them?

If you would like to contact our confidentiality contact-persons, you can do this before or after the training or via the contact details below:
Currently, we don’t have a confidentiality contact-person, but it is possible to approach the VCP of the Aikido bond Nederland.

What do they do when you report an incident?

A confidentiality contact-person works according to a fixed procedure when you report an incident with one of them. He or she will make a summary of your report and will read that back to you to be sure he or she has understood you correctly. Subsequently, the report will be forwarded to the board, if you object to that. This forwarding can also be done anonymously, but sometimes it is relevant to indicate who reported the incident for the appropriate action to be taken. This will be discussed with you by the confidentiality contact-person beforehand.

It is up to the board to decide whether measures need to be taken and what are the correct steps to follow. Confidentiality contact-persons are – like everybody else – bound by law to report any illegal acts with the police.

We hope that you have a proper idea of the goal of confidentiality contact-persons based on this description and for what you can contact them. If you have any questions or remarks? Please let them know.