Below are some reflections on our group and its teacher.

For me, aikido is a way to get connected with myself and another. I enjoy starting each training with the attention guided to the here and now through breathing exercises. At Sanshinkai Aikido Utrecht we train with different levels mixed together. There is a pleasant ambiance in which learning TOGETHER is key. Beginners develop really fast, because they can train with advanced practitioners. An advanced aikidoka in return learns from a beginning aikidoka in how to improve the execution of the techniques. Sander, our head teacher, practices aikido on a high technical level and continually develops himself. This is also beneficial to the students of the dojo.
­— Yo-Yi, 2023

Sanshinkai Aikido Utrecht is a great aikido association, where harmony is very important. In 2014, I joined Sanshinkai Aikido Utrecht without any experience in martial arts. I have never regretted this decision. The atmosphere in the dojo is very open, respectful and everyone is welcome. There is a lot of attention for one’s own development. Because all levels train together, the dynamics of the training is very diverse. Sander, our head teacher, always finds a good balance between the technical side of aikido and a good intensive training. During the monthly drinks, we can connect with each other on a more personal level. If you are looking for an interesting challenge, then I would love to meet you at this great aikido-association.
­— Jelle, 2022

At Sanshinkai Aikido you get nice aikido lessons, with a lot of room for growth. The trainigs are varied. There is room for humor but also for serious lessons where you work on your technique. Sometimes there are also weapons training, my personal favorite. Once a year there is also a communal dinner in the school under the dojo. I can recommend everyone to come and train here.
­— Marjolein, 2022

Aikido was already part of my life when I arrived in Utrecht for an internship for my study. I decided to continue my practice in Sander’s dojo whose teaching I already enjoyed in a seminar hold in Switzerland. Sanshinkai Aikido Utrecht does indeed participate to different seminars in the Netherlands but also outside, allowing good exchanges and reflections. I directly felt very welcome in the nice dynamic group of Sanshinkai Aikido Utrecht and enjoyed the well-structured training hold in a very positive atmosphere. The dojo also offers the opportunity to train many times per week, thus maintaining a very good level of aikido through the members. Also don’t be shy if you don’t speak Dutch, you can always ask for some English translations and it is also a nice place to learn some Dutch words.
­— Nathalie, 2016

Wonderful aikido school. In 2015, I started training at Sanshinkai Aikido Utrecht in order to develop myself further in the aikido of Masatomi Ikeda. I am very happy that I took this step. The aikido is of a very high level, there is a lot of attention for individual development and the atmosphere on the mats is very good. Also, I don’t know anyone in the Netherlands with such vast amount of (technical and theoretical) knowledge of the aikido of Masatomi Ikeda as the head instructor Sander. And he know how to pass that down perfectly to his students.
­­— Jan, 2016

Aikido is a very special sport: it is physically demanding and mentally challenging. Additionally, Sander’s lessons are very good; they keep a pleasant balance between fun, focus, technique and sweating. He knows how to trigger you in discovering your inner motivation. Sanshinkai Aikido Utrecht is a nice bunch of people, who stimulate each other, keep each other sharp and enjoy the sport. Is is a cohesive group, in which everybody has room for his or her personal experience and interpretation of aikido.
­­— Simon, 2015

I am training since September 2011 at Sanshinkai Aikido Utrecht. The head teacher Sander van Geloven was one of my teachers at my earlier aikido club and my main motivation to join Sanshinkai Aikido Utrecht. I have experienced Sander’s lessons always as very pleasant. His lessons are clearly structured and his knowledge of aikido is very extensive. The trainings are a solid and challenge you to get more out of yourself. Additionally, the atmosphere on the mat very well because of the pleasant and respectful interaction, also a often heard observation from people who did a trial lesson. What also is appealing about this group, for me, is are the outdoor weapon trainings which are offered in the morning. These trainings improve your focus and clarify the techniques within aikido. And they are a very nice start of the (working) day. As the website of Sanshinkai says: Come for a trial lesson and experience aikido yourself!
­­— David, 2015

In aikido, I like the opportunity it offers for self-development and the non-competitive environment. As a result, people develop their skills together and progress efficiently. This creates a friendly and supportive atmosphere among practitioners. I have been training at Sanshinkai Aikido Utrecht for half a year. Here, I made new friends who are enthusiastic, energetic but patient and, most importantly, ready to help me when I need it most.
­— Tereza, 2014

Aikido is a path leading to the rediscovery of the brightest facets of human nature, often hidden in the deepest corners of our inner self. Walking this path involves strengthening the body, sharpening the mind and meeting fellow travellers along the way, which makes this journey a life-affirming experience. Sanshinkai Aikido Utrecht is a group with members ranging from beginners to advanced aikido practitioners, who help and watch each other grow and whose comradeship extends beyond the training. Under the expert guidance of Sander van Geloven, we are constantly improving our sense of well-being and always welcome everyone wishing to join us.
­­—Matjaž, 2013

Sanshinkai Aikido Utrecht offers technically diverse aikido. Again and again, you are invited to improve in an open atmosphere with lots of personal attention. Also, Hojo is practised in the weapon trainings. This kata is based on an ancient Japanese sword art and it helps in the development of a good posture and breathing technique. Sander van Geloven is an enthusiastic aikidoka and teacher, who participates in multiple seminars in the Netherlands and abroad in order to keep progressing. As a student, you are encouraged to attend seminars both with Sanshinkai and with other groups.
­­— Ernst, 2012

Suddenly I realised: you learn how to walk, how to cycle and how to do aikido. Where else is this better possible than at Sanshinkai Aikido Utrecht? We work together with lots of joy and dedication on our personal development under the committed supervision of Sander van Geloven. Already, it has brought me a lot.
­­— Raphaël, 2012

Sander van Geloven knows how to keep a perfect balance between formality and informality during the lessons. This is reflected in the group: the atmosphere is full of fun and of serious dedication. To everone, the possibility to practice at his or her own level and pace is presented; beginners are fed with advice, while the advanced are challenged. The members help and support each other and this warm and welcome feeling forms the core of the group.
­­— Maaike, 2011

I have trained aikido at serveral places and recommend Sanshinkai Aikido Utrecht as the teaching is of a high level with a lot of attention for your health. I really enjoyed the fact that the members are actively involved in the organisation of the group and that the teacher regularly reserves times to study aikido himself with his teachers. This creates a dynamic learning environment, in which everybody contributes to and is responsible for aikido as a martial art and health exercise. Consequently, I have practised aikido in a safe way, have developed my skills and got to know my body better.
­­— Pieter, 2011

When I did my first trial lesson at Sanshinkai Aikido Utrecht, I knew that I had found the atmosphere that I was looking for. The group is very friendly, open, respectful and supportive. This was very pleasant in the first year in which I was learning this challenging martial art. Sander van Geloven is very capable in dividing his attention and in supporting everyone, from beginner to experienced practitioners, during the lessons. As a result, every lesson is not only challenging, but also relaxing and valuable at the same time.
­­— Bas G., 2010

Group during special trainingSanshinkai Aikido Utrecht is most importantly a very open group of people, in which the members together fuel the special atmosphere. Sander van Geloven is a passionate aikidoka, who invests much time and energy in both his lessons and his own development. I know only a few people who are as dedicated to aikido as Sander is; not only on the mats, but also in the way in which he deals with matters outside of the dojo which is highly beneficial for his students. The trainings are energetic and dynamic and also provide ample opportunity to research contact with others. The early morning, outdoor weapon trainings are a special experience, which I enjoyed tremendously.
­— Rachèl, 2009

I know Sander van Geloven as a very motivated student and teacher, with a thorough knowledge of the background of aikido, Kashima Shinden Jikishinkage-ryu and Eastern health exercises. In my eyes, also from a didactic point of view, he is able to keep an enjoyable balance in serious study and playfulness.
­— David, dojocho in Amsterdam, 2010

Impressie van buitentrainingThe followed classes in Hojo kata are in many aspects valuable and they still have a positive daily effect. Kashima Shinden Jikishinkage-ryu in itself is an exciting and exceptional martial art and, most importantly, highly enjoyable to practise. Furthermore, it is wonderful to be outdoors in the early mornings and experience the start of the day in an active way. During these trainings, you work on skills like focus, balance, concentration and timing; in daily life, these qualities are just as important. Sander van Geloven is an enthusiastic and motivated teacher. He succeeds in sharing his passion for this uncommon martial art in the Netherlands. Complementary, he takes in his classes the level of each participant in consideration without letting this affect the group’s experience.
­— Lenneke, 2011

Sanshinkai Aikido Utrecht is a dynamic and welcoming group of people, who practice aikido with commitment but never lose track of pleasure. Sander is a very knowable teacher, who is able to focus on detail without losing track of the big picture. These two things combined have always created very stimulating and challenging surroundings for dedicated training.
­— Max, 2010

Sanshinkai Aikido Utrecht is a new and growing group. You will receive lots of individual attention and are welcome to shape the future of this group. Sander van Geloven is a passionate aikidoka with an insatiable curiosity. For years, he has been studying the system of Ikeda sensei profoundly. This provides him the opportunity to learn and understand many different styles of aikido in context and connection to each other. I admire in Sander that he does not only do aikido on the mat, but also lives it in his life. To me, that is what it is ultimately about.
­— Adriana, 2009

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