Annual Planning

Our annual planning is approximately the following.

month internal external
January kyu exams shidoshakai Switzerland
February / March
April general assembly Easter seminar Switzerland
May spring seminar & dan exams
June kyu exams tanrenkai Switzerland
July / August summer school Switzerland
September tanrenkai Switzerland
October / November autumn seminar & dan exams tanrenkai Switzerland
December Christmas dinner

Dates above are indications. See our calendar and announcements on our home page for exact dates and more information. In our digital calendar you will also find the dates of our small social event with drinks which we organize once every four weeks on the Thursday evening. Here is explained how to connect our digital calendar with your devices.

Past events

Below are notable seminars we have organized in the past.

2023-06-17 Season Closure 2023 children and adults
2023-02-24/26 Roger Hochstrasser & Sander van Geloven
2022-11-04/06 Miroslav Šmíd *
2021-10-29/31 Michele Quaranta & Sander van Geloven
2020-09-12 Hans de Groot, Gijsbert van Ziel & Sander van Geloven
2020-02-08 Niek Zandee, Lex van Teeffelen & Sander van Geloven *
2019-10-04/06 Michele Quaranta & Sander van Geloven
2018-10-26/28 Michele Quaranta & Sander van Geloven
2018-04-20/22 Eric Graf
2017-10-27/29 Eric Graf
2017-04-21/23 Eric Graf
2016-11-18/20 Eric Graf
2016-07-23 Sander van Geloven
2016-05-27/29 Eric Graf
2015-11-20/22 Eric Graf
2015-03-27/29 Miroslav Šmíd
2014-09-05/07 Eric Graf
2013-11-29/30 Michele Quaranta, Jelena Vrzić, Eric Graf & Sander van Geloven
2013-02-23/24 Eric Graf
2012-11-10/11 Jelena Vrzić
2012-04-01 Sander van Geloven & David Tesselaar *
2011-10-15/16 Jelena Vrzić

* Is a co-organized seminar.