Annual Planning

We have the following year planning for 2018 for seminars and other activities.

month internal external
January shidoshakai Michele Quaranta & Francesco Marrella, Switzerland
March special training Jelena Vrzić, Rotterdam
April general assembly; seminar Eric Graf with kyu exams Easter seminar Michele Quaranta, Switzerland
May kyu exams tanrenkai Michele Quaranta, Switzerland
June special training Sander van Geloven, Rotterdam
July speciale training Paul Janssen summer school Michele Quaranta & Francesco Marrella, Switzerland; summer school Michele Quaranta, Czech Republic
August summer school E. Graf, M. Šmíd, S. van Geloven, S. Graf & C. Sawaya, Switzerland
September tanrenkai Michele Quaranta, Switzerland
October jubilee seminar Michele Quaranta; seminar Eric Graf
November kyu exams tanrenkai, Zwitserland
December Christmas dinner winterseminar Eric Graf, Switzerland

Dates above are indications. See our calendar and announcements for exact dates and more information. In our digital calendar you will also find the dates of our small social event with drinks which we organise once every four weeks on the Thursday evening. Here is explained how to connect our digital calendar with your devices. A summary can be found on our homepage and below is an alternative way to browse our calendar.

Thu 5 Jul
 Sun 15 Jul
 all day
Zomerschool Jelena Vrzić
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Samothraki, Griekenland
Sat 14 Jul
16:30 –
 Fri 20 Jul
Zomerschool Michele Quaranta & Francesco Marrella
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Rothirst, Zwitserland
Fri 27 Jul
17:00 –
 Sat 4 Aug
Zomerschool E. Graf, C.Lopez, S. van Geloven, C. Sawaya & S. Graf
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Neuchâtel, Zwitserland
Sat 4 Aug
16:00 –
 Fri 10 Aug
Zomerschool Michele Quaranta
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Trenčin, Slowakije