Declared 3rd dan

Declaring 3rd danOn Saturday 26 November, Michele Quaranta declared Sander van Geloven 3rd dan aikikai aikido. The examination was in the system of Ikeda sensei, took place during the summer school beginning of August and has been approved by Aikikai Hombu Dojo in September. Sander has also obtained the title of Fukushidoin.

Seminar met Jelena Vrzić, 15 and 16 October

Seminar with Jelena Vrzić, 5th danOn Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 October we organise a seminar with Jelena Vrzić sensei, 5th dan. She started practising aikido in 1979 in Belgrade, Serbia. She was the first woman to receive shodan in the former Yugoslavia. Now, after more than 30 years of continuous and dedicated training, she will be giving a seminar for the second time in the Netherlands.

Teachers and colleagues who inspire her are Stanojević sensei, Tada sensei, Fujimoto sensei, Hosokawa sensei, Ikeda sensei, Zucco sensei and Quaranta sensei. Characteristic in her trainings is breathing, jo and aiawase. Reservation is recommended, poster.