Kyu exams end of 2017

On November 15th, Nathalie has passed her exam for 5th kyu and, on December 11th, René and Kasper have passed their exam for the 2nd kyu and Hans for the 3rd kyu. (Again) congratulations and keep on going.

Sander promoted to aikido teacher level 3

On May 13th 2017, Sander has completed his education at Aikido Nederland for aikido teacher with a practical exam. He is now a by the NOC*NSF governmental recognised aikido teacher level 3. During his education he followed many practical and theoretical lessons at Sportcentrum Papendal, gave trainings in Amsterdam in the Sho Shin Aikido Dojo of Paul Jansen and in his own dojo he organised several activities such as seminars, kyu exams, guest trainings and development for assistants. Sander, congratulations!

Jan passes practical exam aikido teacher level 2

On March 11th 2017, Jan finished his training at Aikido Nederland by passing his practical exam. He is now a by the NOC*NSF governmental recognised assistant aikido teacher level 2. During this training at Sportcentrum Papendal he followed many practical and theoretical lessons, e.g. didactic, anatomy & physiology, aikido history, injury prevention, kyu degrees, First Aid for Sports and children and youth aikido. Furthermore he got lessons in: How to make a teaching plan? What are the different learning styles? How to give and receive feedback? And, more important, how do you as a teacher make sure the training is safe? Jan, congratulations!

Photograph: Jacob Uythoven

Eric Graf sensei receives fifth dan

Eric Graf sensei has received his fifth dan in Aikikai Aikido. The Swiss national (39) is a student of Michele Quaranta sensei and Masatomi Ikeda sensei. Graf is a full-time aikido teacher, manages two dojo, writes books on aikido and gives seminars in Switzerland, Bulgaria, Serbia, Netherlands and other countries. Hereby, Sanshinkai Aikido Utrecht congratulates him!

Also we would like to congratulate Paul Janssen sensei (Sho Shin Aikido Dojo, Amsterdam), Niek Remkes (Amsterdam) and Joe McHugh sensei (Ireland) for receiving their fifth dan. the promotions were announced during the Kagami Biraki ceremony on the 8th of January 2017 in the Aikikai Hombu Dojo in Tokyo. The picture above is from the Aikikai Foundation. Their article with the complete list of promotions in 2016 can be found here.