Autumn Seminar

The autumn seminar of Sanshinkai Aikido Utrecht with Michele Quaranta, shihan 7th dan, and Sander van Geloven, shidoin 4th will be held from 4 until 6 October 2019. We are proud to have shodan and nidan examinations on Friday evening and Saturday morning. If you are familiar with our aikido, you are hereby invited to participate as uke.

The poster can be downloaded as PNG. See also Facebook and register now.

International shidoshakai in Slowakia

Sanshinkai Aikido Utrecht participated on 18 and 19 May in the international shidoshakai in Trnava, Slowakia, which was led by Michele Quaranta, 7th dan shihan. It was an intensive trainings weekend with 160 yudansha from 12 different countries. Under guidance of Mario Czerny, 5th dan, the weekend ended with an embukai. We were uke for Ireland and also gave a demonstration ourselves.

Seminar Eric Graf, 20-22 April

Eric Graf sensei holds 5th dan aikikai aikido and was a student of Michele Quaranta sensei and Masatomi Ikeda sensei. He currently practices aikido full-time, manages three dojo in Switzerland, writes books on aikido and gives seminars in Switzerland, Serbia, the Netherlands and occasionally in other countries. Eric will be giving a seminar for the ninth time at Sanshinkai Aikido Utrecht on 20-22 April 2018. The poster can be downloaded as PDF and PNG. See also Facebook and register now.