Training with Jelena Vrzić, 6 and 9 February

As of Saturday February 4th up and until Saturday Februry 11th, Jelena Vrzić sensei will be hosting several guest trainings in the Netherlands, amongst others also at Sanshinkai Aikido Utrecht. Vrzić is from Serbia and holds the rank of 6th dan and is a student of Tada sensei, 9th dan. Her trainings are exceptionally inspiring, with returning focus on flow, placement and relaxation.

The training sessions at Sanshinkai Aikido Utrecht are scheduled on Monday, February 6th and Thursday, February 9th and admission is open for everybody. The trainings start at 19:30 and last until 21:15 on both Monday and Thursday. Admission is € 7,50 for a single training. For a complete overview of Jelena’s trainings in the Netherlands and a combination ticket, please look at the poster below.

Free parking on the grounds at Tamboersdijk 9 and the dojo is also quite easily reached by public transport. Kindly pay your trainings cash on arrival at the desk, and make sure to arrive well in advance.

More trainings from September onwards

Starting September 1st, Sanshinkai Aikido Utrecht offers five trainings per week. The last couple of years we had each week two normal trainings and one training for advanced. Good news is that two trainings have been added and training is now possible on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday evening and Saturday morning. All aikido trainings have small changes to their times. Please, see our training schedule for details.

Sander fourth dan and shidoin

After an intensive preparation, our main teacher Sander has passed the examn for fourth dan on May 21st in Geneva. The examinator was Michele Quaranta shihan, assisted by Francesco Marralla sensei, both sixth dan. With compliments, Sander has also been promoted to shidoin and is now qualified to promote aikidoka up to and until the second dan. See Facebook for an impression of the examination.

Training met Jelena Vrzić, 24 March

The Serbian aikidoka Jelena Vrzić sensei, 6th dan, will give another guest lecture at Sanshinkai Aikido Utrecht. She decided to return to the Netherlands with Easter for meeting old friend Domenico Zucco, 7th dan. During her stay in our country she will give guest lectures in several dojos. Feel welcome at these trainings and discover the interaction between uke and tori under supervision of this special aikidoka.

The training at Sanshinkai Aikido Utrecht is accessible for everyone. Free parking on the premises is possible and there is a good connection with public transport. Admission fee is €6.00. Please pay in cash at the door and be on time. Duration is 19:30 – 21:30, see also Facebook.

Training with Jelena Vrzić, 15 and 18 Feb.

201602-jelena (1) On 15 and 18 February, 19:30 – 21:30, we organise a training with Jelena Vrzić sensei, 6th dan, the first woman to receive shodan in the former Republic of Yugoslavia. Her classes in February will be characterised by a strong emphasis on the dialogue between uke and tori. She will look for input from all to inspire her own aikido and to work towards technical improvement of all attendees. With her experience of over 30 years of aikido, her focus on technical souplesse and her kind and inspirational words for everyone, from beginner to advanced, she is a cherished and welcome guest.

The training with Jelena Vrzić sensei is open to all. Admission fee at the door: €7.50 cash only. Please arrive in time. Please note that Jelena will be visiting various dojos in the Netherlands; for more information, please check the attached poster.