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Goal of Exams

There is only one way and that way is to go forward. You can practise aikido until your death and keep on developing yourself. This can be done physically, mentally and/or spiritually. This does not apply only to the youth. Also, when you grow older, as your body starts to deteriorate, you can influence how fast and how healthy you will age.

Try to master as many skills at an early age and do so in the proper order. Regularly doing exams provides you with a framework for your development and guides you step by step through it.

As we develop together, exams are a way to validate your knowledge and skills so that you can apply it and help other learning.

Running water never grows stale
­— Bruce Lee

Kyu Exams

Our teacher can conduct the following kyu exams. These are officially registered at our aikido federation. The fees are listed below and are valid from 1 October 2022. Students and holders of a U-pas get a 25% discount.

These funds are spent by our society to create official certificates and teacher education. Kyu exams are open to the public and take place in our dojo, preferably with teachers and students present from affiliated groups. Normally, kyu exams are organised yearly in January and June, with the extra possibility during weekend seminars.

exam minimal training price
6th kyu 6 months, 2× per week €10
5th kyu 6 months, 2× per week €18
4th kyu 6 months, 2× per week €26
3rd kyu 8 months, 3× per week €34
2nd kyu 10 months, 3× per week €42
1st kyu 12 months, 3× per week €50

Examinations are usually organized with teachers and students of affiliated groups. The exam fee must be paid also in case of failure to pass the exam.

Dan Exams

Our aikido federation organizes dan exams (black belt) and charges no additional costs to the fees of Aikikai International, Hombu Dojo. Our teacher is allowed to examine up to the third dan.

exam minimal training price
shodan 1 year, 3× per week €120
2nd dan 2 years, 3× per week €120
3rd dan 3 years, 4× per week €150
4th dan 4 years, 4× per week €200
5th dan 6 years, 4× per week €600

Dan exams will always take place at an international seminar such as a summer school.


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