Sanshinkai Aikido Nederland founded

Today, on 10 November 2023, Sanshinkai Aikido Nederland has been founded by Aikido Leidscherijn, led by Samir Redžepagić, Aikidocentrum Zeist, led by Marcel Kok en Sanshinkai Aikido Utrecht, led by Sander van Geloven. We are a national organization for a technical line in Aikido Aikido according to the didactal system of Masatomi Ikeda. This didactical system is called Sanshinkai Aikido.

We hjave organized ourselves to practice, teach and further develop this form of aikido within the Aikido bond Nederland and according to the regulations of the Aikikai Foundation. For us, this is a joyful moment which we will soon celebrate with a seminar. For more information, see

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