Season Closure 2023

On Saturday morning, June 17, we organize a season closing aikido for children 6 – 12 years, youth older than 12 years and adults. The training is given by Samir Redzepagic, 3e dan, Aikido Leidscherijn, Nico Birkenholz, 2e dan, and Pascalle Thijs, 5e kyu, Aikido Utrecht, and Annika Weijers, 1e dan, Aikido association Domstad.

The poster with details is available in PDF and PNG. In addition to the adult part, participants of youth aikido are also welcome during the children’s aikido part. Adults must sign up by email. Afterwards, there is the possibility to have a self-brought lunch together. The event is free for affiliated dojos, such as Aikidocentrum Zeist, and invited persons.